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Bioderma Photoderm Mineral Compact SPF 50+, Golden Tint  - 10 g

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Bioderma Photoderm Mineral Compact SPF 50+ - 10 g

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Ultraviolet rays can alter DNA by fragmenting its nucleus. They also weaken the immune system. The combination of these factors increases risks of genetic mutation, tumors, and skin cancer. By favoring free radicals and hindering collagen, UVAs cause premature cutaneous aging. That is why dermatologists recommend the daily application of high photoprotection. At Bioderma, we listen to your skin. Photoderm erects a double barrier to encourage immunity against the harmful effects of the sun: the best of external protection as well as Cellular Bioprotection®. This technology is unique, patented and laboratory-tested: it protects your DNA while activating your skin’s natural defenses. It reduces free radicals and enzymes that damage collagen, minimizing the risks of cancer and the signs of photoageing. Photoderm Mineral Compact SPF 50+ ranks amongst our products made with systems that combine various mineral filters, with a protective action against UVAs and UVBs. Used according to the instructions and with other sun protection measures, the risk of skin cancer and premature aging of the skin caused by the sun is decreased. It protects dried skin by the sun, decrease signs of aging and protects against environmental aggressors. It offers maximum protection against sunburn and sun-intolerance, without compromising on its excellent tolerance.