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Otrivin Baby Care Nasal Cleansing - 100 ml

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Otrivin Baby Care Nasal Cleansing Spray - 100 ml

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Otrivin Sea Water for Babies is a natural, safe and effective way to help keep nasal cavities clear and hydrated, allowing your baby to breathe freely. It is a 100% natural, preservative free, isotonic sea water solution that helps cleanse excessive mucous accumulation from the nasal passages, especially when caused by colds, allergies and upper respiratory infections.

Specially designed for babies, the applicator nozzle has an oversized safety tip that prevents if from being inserted too deep into the nose, avoiding discomfort and damage to the nasal lining. It produces a baby-soft spray with ultra-fine microdrops that effectively clear out mucous and is safe for a baby's delicate nose.